1. Work Where You Life Flyer

    Just found this flyer I designed back in september whilst working at TCOLondon.


  2. 50 50’s - I have decided to stop this project here. I have had great fun working on it but I have others things I want to work on now. I will be making a small zine/book of the work and selling the original pencil drawing. More information soon.


  3. Mountains - Going on holiday tomorrow. Sucks my chest isn’t healed enough to actually go skiing.


  4. Damian Hirst ain’t got shit on me.


  5. Square.


  6. Perspective pipes


  7. Untitled


  8. x marks the spot


  9. T H E G R I D


  10. A combination of frustration and being devoid of creativity this evening.


  11. SW 6


  12. SW 5


  13. OCD


  14. SW 4


  15. SW 3